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Hello, I'm Elisa or Elise for short.

I am a web and interface designer who loves video games, milk and warm, over-sized hoodies. I'm an introvert, a Leo and a Type 5 INTJ fond of films, psychology and late night conversations. I enjoy staying indoor, rainy days and the company of my dog. I find solemn and comfort in good books, indie music, window seats in a coffee shop and a mug of freshly brewed English Breakfast tea, served with milk and sugar or honey.

the blog

Mlkbox (otherwise known as Milkboxed) is an online journal who refuse to fit into any stereotypical blogging norms or niche. It's a place where I mostly express my opinions and views on things, share some creative inspiration in hope for you to enjoy a visit to my little tiny space. You will read a lot of personal opinions, visual findings and other bits and pieces.

All posts written here are based on my thoughts and mine only. I will also refer to images posted here to their rightful owners. If you are not comfortable with your work posted here, feel free to tell me and I'll remove them down. You can read the full disclosure here.

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