"it's the wrong alice!"

Hello, it's Elise. No, not that Alice who stumbled down the rabbit hole. Don't get it mixed up.

A '95 milk-obsessed UX designer by day and a nocturnal cat by night, I'm an introverted INTJ who stands by the alignment of a chaotic neutral Slytherin, though the Sorting Hat thought I'd be a perfect Ravenclaw. I enjoy staying indoor, rainy days and indie music; good books, window seats by the coffee shop and late night conversation. Sometimes I play too much video games and forget to sleep, others times I listen to the sound of clock ticking as I lie down on my bed, contemplating.

the blog

Mlkbx (otherwise known as Milkboxed or Mlkbox) is an online journal of many things, a personal notebook with no specific niche named after my obsession with dairy. It's an empty canvas where I express my unfiltered thoughts and fickle muse, my latest whatnot and everything else in between. It's a place with no four walls and restricted line.

All posts written here are based on my thoughts and mine only. I will also refer to images posted here to their rightful owners. If you are not comfortable with your work posted here, feel free to tell me and I'll remove them. Read the full disclosure here. If you are wondering if I'm available for collaboration or anything like that, head to this page.

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