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The Edit, previously called Bookmarked, is a collection of articles and posts curated by yours truly.

It took me quite a while to curate all these handy dandy articles and wouldn't post it before the list feels complete. Now that it is, we're going to talk about indulging in self-love, be it skincare related or touring down the beauty aisle. Some of you might be aware that I am currently working with Hannah to brainstorm the first issue of Wild At Heart zine. Since the first issue will revolve around self-love, it's what inspired me to curate this list.

7 Steps to Eliminate Eczema Naturally

If you are a frequent reader of my blog, you probably knew that I suffer from eczema flare-ups every now and then especially when I'm so lazy with moisturizing my body. In the past, I've also written a few tips and tricks on how to maintain a lifestyle with eczema. If you are, like me, suffer from occasional flare-ups, you'll understand the itch and how annoying it is to rely on steroid cream. The thing is, you don't have to. Since steroid can lead to thinning of the skin, it is best to perform lifestyle changes and maintenance to avoid uncontrollable flare-ups. Aside from avoiding surfactants in my products, I also take in omega-3 fish oil and multivitamin on daily basis.

Beginner's guide to skincare routine

In my previous post I mentioned the lifestyle changes and standpoint I had towards moisturizers and sun screens and reading about this article from Into The Gloss makes me think that "going back to school never hurt" even if it's for basic bits and bobs. Excluding serum, I use products from each category mentioned in this article religiously without a doubt.

Why the pH of your cleanser matters

I recently decided to change my skincare routine, particularly my cleanser. I've always heard of people raving about low pH skincare routine but never really care about adapting it. The reason is because most cleansers are usually alkaline with pH 7-8. What our skin needs is a pH balanced cleanser, preferably something around 5.5. At first I thought it was just another troublesome trend but after reading the benefit of choosing a low pH cleanser, I am now a convert. I suggest you read this article and browse around Snow White and The Asian Pear's blog for more skincare information.

Coconut Oil is Awesome But Not For Everything

Are you the kind of person who swears by coconut oil for everything? And I really do mean everything. Read this post and you'll know why it's not, not even as a makeup remover. I personally am not a huge fan of VCO even if it does provide some hydration to my eczema flare-ups. For a makeup remover, I'd rather opt for the real thing which is a proper miscellar water or cleansing balm.

5 Ways to Boost Your Confidence

Struggling with insecurity because she is a persistent little b*tch? Don't worry, me too! We all do. Confidence is a difficult thing to achieve, a grand scheme for a long-term goal if you will. But Hannah reminded us once again that in order to achieve something big, you gotta start somewhere even if those things are small and easily overlooked.

5 Signs You Are Over-Exfoliating Your Face

I loooove exfoliation, it makes my face feels a lot cleaner than just using a cleanser. I had a phase where I would use exfoliating face wash thrice a week because my only concern was my greasy T-zone. I had forgotten the fact that I also have sensitive skin thanks to the blessing of rosacea around my nose and on my chin. Even worse, I used to opt for exfoliating scrubs — those with gritty granules! Now, in order to avoid micro tears in my skin, I usually opt for chemical exfoliation or physical ones with super fine grains. If you're wondering what's the difference between chemical and physical exfoliation, read it here.

How to Set Yourself Up For A Productive Week

Feeling like we haven't done enough for the week is perfectly normal. It doesn't have to be a bad week to feel like we could have done more. Natalie has some really good points to remind us on how to prepare ourselves for a productive week.

How to Use Mindfulness to Make Better Decisions

Mindfulness, a buzzword frequently used among lifestyle bloggers today. Most of them tell us that we should be positive. While positivity is great, people tend to forget that negativity or negative thoughts are part of what make us human. Instead of being extremely optimistic to the point where you are in the phase of extreme denial, it's best to embrace the negative thoughts and morph them into something that will push you forward. Mindfulness is not about being pretentiously positive; it is about how you can defuse the bad ideas in your brain.

What have you been reading and bookmarking recently? Feel free to share some of them below!

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