The Art of Letting Go


When the puzzle pieces outgrew themselves and no longer fit the canvas, I find myself so pressured between trying to fix things or to walk away. I chose the latter. Because even when you have tried to glue back the pieces, a broken vase will still look cracked and bruised, leaving memories from the fall.

Clocked 021 | Weeping Willow


A way to make fun of how bad this week was, I decided to call it the week of a weeping willow because I'm a weeping mess. Ha, get it? Yeah, it's a bad joke and a failed attempt at satirical writing but hey, someone's gotta do it to lighten up the mood. This is a gloomy post, you have been warned.

You Don't Own Me


You don't own us. 
You don't own me or my sister. You don't control us or strip us of our soul. 
We are made of iron and steel, engulfed in flame of fortitude and strength.  
You don't own any of our piece, you never will. 
We will march, forward and against you.

Listicles | Essential Digital Carry-Ons


I never thought I would actually write a list of apps I love. I see productive bloggers like Arden and I think about how I never see myself using any apps to take down notes or keep track of things. I mean sure I do carry around a small notebook where I sketch stuff for work and write down blog ideas but for the most part, I rely on my memory power which is pretty good when it comes to important things. However, recently, I have this urge to try out productivity apps just to see why some people swear by them. I'm happy to say I have found some apps that are slowly becoming a staple in my phone.


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