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I've been under tremendous stress lately that I feel like I'm running out of creative juice. Work feels like a million times harder and more stressful and I pretty much feel like crap. My design looks mediocre, feels mediocre and I cannot seem to produce better artwork. I have a few ideas to blog but none of them scream inspiration to me. All I want to do is just lay down on bed and cry my heart out. What do you do when you start feeling this way? For me, I start finding distractions by reading blogs and articles before sharing them with you today.


"My Husband and I sleep in different bedrooms"

This is a really interesting article. I've never actually thought about this, let alone visualizing the image of husband and wife sleeping in different bedrooms. But, after reading this post, everything made sense. Of course, of course some couples decided to do it this way. I thought it would be weird at first because you'd have to walk to the other room just to ask for something (like sex!) but then half of me thinks it's such a good idea especially if you are a really introverted, private person who enjoys recharging by yourself. Another reason would be: imagine if you are having one of those off days with your partner and you don't want to sleep beside them because you'd risk punching them in their face. Instead of having one of you sleeping on the couch, both of you can actually sleep on a bed which is sort of a win-win solution in my opinion. Even though I personally don't mind sleeping with my significant other (because cuddles are great!), it does give me an idea to have an extra room in my future place.

Mental health & mental illness aren't the same thing

People think they understand the differences between mental health and mental illness. Influencers think they understand them all. They don't, at least not really. How many blog posts have you read in the past that tells you to take a salt bath, throw in some Lush bath bombs or splurge on some Bath & Body Works candles in order to cure anxiety? Not only those tips are ridiculous, they're not necessarily dedicated for mental illness. It's almost like having someone tell you to 'snap out of it' or 'stop stressing' as if those 'advises' are supposed to cure our anxiety or depression just like that. Trust me, I understand that seeking medical help is not always easy. I personally have circumstances where seeking a medical help is out of the equation now but I have to agree with what Arora said in her post, that candles and a good warm bath will not cure your mental illness.


How do I talk about art?

How many of us actually understand the meaning or concept behind a painting? Sure, we know Starry Sky by Van Gogh or that infamous Mona Lisa painting by Leonardo Da Vinci. But do we really know how to talk about them? Nowadays, I don't find people who find art museum interesting. Of course, there are enthusiasts who know how to appreciate these beauty but those who really connect to an artwork on a whole emotional level are individuals who know how to perceive things from the right angle, preferably putting themselves into the artist's shoes. In relation to my previous essay where I wrote the differences between art and design and how much of a designer and less of an artist I am, I personally find it difficult to talk about art. I don't mean that in a 'oh yeah, Starry Sky is an intricate piece' kind of way; I'm saying I cannot connect to any painting emotionally. We all know art carries a value but how well do we know how to appreciate them other than attending auctions and adding more zeros behind those dollars just so we can have something pretty to be hanged in our living room? This post is an interview between Annabelle and Faaizah where they had a discussion as to how one could find his or her own way to understand art as more than just pretty decor.


6 Things You'll Be Glad to Know About Your bra

Do you wear bra? If yes, these are the essential things you need to keep in mind. I personally wear bra when I'm out and about because I need my 'soldier's shield' and to have some sort of 'protection' for my boobs especially when I'm running or walking up or down the stairs. At home, however, I will not wear bra because no matter how safe they make my boobs feel, they are uncomfortable af! What about you, do you wear any?

Age Shaming

Did you know Teen Wolf actress Arden Cho (who played the kitsune Kira Yukimura from season 3-5) has a blog? If you didn't, it's time for you to know about it! In this post where she talked about how she wants to mature without obsessing over society's perception of how we should age, it shed some light to me that the media doesn't only tell us how to look beautiful, they are also telling us how to age and mature — which is stupid and ridiculous. I guess, we all worry about the first sign of aging because that's only natural for us to always want to stay young, look young but age shaming is actually a thing because apparently, people think everybody should be immortals even if that means to the point of obsession.


Why We Need Beauty When Times Are Tough

When things are difficult you need those most essential parts of yourself around you.

This has got to be one of my favorite posts to have arrived on my Bloglovin feed. Not gonna lie, before I read the article, I was skeptical. I couldn't think of a connection between dealing with circumstances and beauty and thought, 'huh, but why?' And then, once I've read it, it made sense. To some people, beauty is what makes them them. I have met people who swear by a perfect Hollywood red lips because it makes them feel good, like it's a part of who they are. Beauty induces placebo effect even if it's something that we trick ourselves into believing. Beauty is not superficial, is not stupid and is certainly not a form of seduction. Contrary to how society today shame women for putting on makeup to impress to others, beauty is more than just putting on a mask. For some women, it is a safe haven.

Vagina Isn't A Dirty Word

The world hides away from this word. I have realized that much when people choose to say 'that' as opposed to 'vagina' which, in my opinion, is strange. If people can say 'dick' so easily, why isn't the word 'vagina' supposed to be perceived the same way? Besides, when you think about it, the word vagina is scientifically accurate as opposed to calling a penis 'dick.' Just like the importance of sex education for beginners and my disbelief towards those who think sex ed is unnecessary or that the female reproductive system is embarrassing, I think it's highly important for both men and women to understand the female reproductive system. If someone comes up to me and tell me to shut up because it's dirty or shameful to talk about the vagina, labia or pubic hair so openly, this is what I'm going to tell him or her, "it's called science, specifically biology. If you start imaging inappropriate things, maybe you should start evaluating yourself. It's not perverted, it's science."

Fenty Beauty by Rihanna


Congratulations Riri for the newly launched makeup line! I am not a huge Rihanna fan but I think she's one rad individual. What I love from Fenty Beauty aside from its sleek, minimalist looking packaging is how it is a makeup line for everyone, ranging from the palest alabaster skin to the deepest shade. Even though this is how a makeup line or brand should be, there are still those who only sell products with very limited shades. Finding the perfect foundation shade is, in my opinion, the hardest especially if you are someone with pale olive skin (yes, pale olive skin exists. Olive is an undertone and it does not determine how light or deep your skin tone is.) Since it's made by Rihanna, it's definitely a little bit up there in price. Still, $34 for their soft matte foundation is still reasonable in my opinion. After all, we are paying for Riri's name too.


Colourpop's Fall Release, "I Think I Love You" Palette

Colourpop is back on it again! When I saw the teaser over at Colourpop's Instagram, my jaw dropped and I was borderline drooling over it. Yes, I'm a sucker for neutrals and eyeshadow palettes even though I only have two eyelids and very few free days where I can experiment with makeup (I only wear base makeup for work) I don't think I'll buy this palette yet since I still have my neutrals from Urban Decay Naked 2 — which I don't like that much, by the way — and I want colors other than bronzes and browns. However, for those who love to collect neutrals in a palette, this might interest you. I, on the other hand, am waiting for my Colourpop Yes Please palette, a really warm palette filled with oranges, yellows and reds which is such a steal a dupe for Natasha Denona's Sunset palette.

Monthly Reads, previously called Bookmarked, is a series featuring interesting, fun and insightful articles and posts found, curated and compiled by yours truly. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I love sharing them. If you have more recommendations, feel free to list them in the comment box below.

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