5 Positive Things From My Workplace


Recently, a few generation X folks asked me if I enjoy my job working for a start-up company. There is this stigma in their head that unless you are working for a huge corporate located in the central part of your city, skyscraper office towers and fancy glass windows and sliding doors, chances are you probably won't enjoy waking up in the morning for work. I am here to contradict their words and tell you some of the reasons why I actually love what I do.

Second house

My office feels like a second house to me and mostly because it is literally a home office. With less than 10 people in the team, it does not feel restricted at all. There is no such thing as who is the boss or who is the subordinate. Of course, each of us still holds a role but there is none of that border to differentiate us and our way of communication. Instead of having your own desk, most of us work on the same large table situated in the middle of the room while my boss and another co-worker will mostly work in a connecting room only a few steps away from where the large table is.

Flexible working hour

This is the thing with start-up companies: they do not set your body clock. While this may not apply to all start-up companies in the world, most of them go by this rule. In fact, if you are lucky, some non-start up companies also carry a flexible working hour regime. In my case, I usually start at 11 a.m and leave the office around 7-8 p.m. Pretty cool if you are not a morning person like me.

Free food, snacks and drinks

Free water, coffee and tea are probably cliches. But free lunch and dinner? Heck yeah sign me up! Fresh catering is delivered every day, packed in plastic lunch boxes and filled with yummy home-cooked food. The snack table is never empty and coffee and teas are always present. Not only that, there are also additional spices like chili sauce, chili powder, ketchup and more. I think it's really understanding to provide us with free food considering how the home office is situated inside a neighborhood with no grocery store or mini market close by.

Easy-going atmosphere

There are two kinds of silence: an intense, cold silence that makes you gulp every time you accidentally make a noise or the kind of silence that makes you feel focused yet relaxed at the same time. My office is the latter. I can't quite describe it but I know I like this kind of "not too intensely quiet but not noisy either" environment as it helps me focus on my task at hand.

Great boss

I think this is the most important point of all. Working for someone that makes you want to strangle yourself is a bad idea and I'm really thankful for a friendly boss who always listens to what his subordinates have in mind. It makes me feel even more appreciated and welcomed even though I'm fairly new in the team and is also the youngest. For someone who can sometimes be quite easily intimidated by authority figures, I don't find any difficulty facing my boss at all.

I don't think the perfect workplace exists but I can only be grateful for what I have now. Sometimes I can't help but to wonder how things will turn out differently if I were to accept offers from other, non-start up companies. I wonder if I'm going to turn into one of those employees who go to work feeling dreadful, like I've been cursed or something. I also feel like the people here respect me for being introverted since I don't talk much, only when I'm required to do so.

* for the record, I work as a UI / UX Designer

What are some of the things you love about your job? And tell me what you do!

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