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One more week and we have reached the end of May! To be perfectly honest with you, I almost almost had no favorites this month. Early May was filled with a lot of personal struggles and I've been too stressed to think about curating a bunch of favorites. Then again, who am I kidding — I'm always stressed. For a moment there I thought I would be skipping May but midway through, I managed to find certain things I'd like to share with you so here we go.

Cold-pressed virgin coconut oil

For the past few months ever since I started using Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser as my body wash, I haven't had any major eczema flare-ups even though it doesn't mean that I am completely eczema-free. So when a few dry, itchy patches and spots popped up last week, I freaked out. I realized that applying body lotion or butter all over my body is not enough so I immediately turn towards my cold-pressed organic coconut oil I purchased from a local store called Organic Supply co. The result? Intense moisture lock that keeps my skin soft and hydrated! I am now a convert when it comes to essential oils and highly recommend them!

Colourpop Ultra Satin in Toolips

Toolips is described as a deep, dark plum brown by Colourpop. I'm happy that it leans more towards the plum-purplish side of things instead of brown since I don't think brown lips look good on me.

Formula wise, I love love it! I've heard that Colourpop's ultra matte liquid lipstick has such a dry matte formula so I'm glad I bought the satin one instead. It's not patchy, feels lightweight and lasted on my lips for 6-8 hours before I have reapply a new layer on top — which, by the way, goes on smoothly without a problem. In case you're wondering, it's not transfer-proof unlike their matte liquid lipstick, however, it does fade evenly throughout.

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Color in Kisses

I've always wanted to try this product from Revlon and I'm glad I did! This is yet another lightweight liquid lip color that dries to a "velvety matte" finish. I love everything about this product; the frosted glass packaging, the plushy applicator wand, the awesome pigmentation, and of course, how it stays on my lips for 5 hours straight (exclude eating super oily food.) It has a creamy texture that glides on almost like a gloss but again, it's a lipstick. I guess that's why they call it a lip color instead of a liquid lipstick. The only downside is how this product takes quite some time before it dries semi-matte. More often than not, I also do the translucent powder trick to make the color lasts even longer and a little more transfer-proof and matte.

Two new songs I've been replaying nonstop on Spotify this month are Nice2KnoU and Life of The Party by my all time favorite pop-punk rock band, All Time Low. Their latest album, entitled Last Young Renegade, will be released in June and I cannot wait to hear the complete album. While some people complain about how they have changed, I personally think they are still the same All Time Low who debuted 12 years ago. I love how despite their constant growth and experimentation in music, their sound still rings "All Time Low" in my ears, if you know what I mean.

The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender

THIS IS SUCH A GOOD BOOK. I have 89 pages left before I finish this book but so far, I've been in love with it. Narrated by Ava Lavender, a girl born with a pair of wings, this book blends magical realism, lyrical prose and a beautiful tale of pain and passion, love and lost. More than just a pretty concoction of fiction fantasy and romance, it is quite possibly by far one of the best books I have picked up. The plot itself is more than just Ava; it's about her family, their saga and her. There is something so raw and genuine, innocent and curious about this book that I can't seem to pin down. It also reminds me of the feeling I had when I watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

That's all for my list of May favorites. What is / are yours? Do tell me in the comments below!

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