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In my last check-ins post, I no longer include a list of links for people to check out. It wasn't because I forgot about it but because I think those links deserve their own series. Besides, this way, I'd be able to talk about them better.

10 Forms of Birth Control Explained

I never talked about sex in my blog and it's not because I'm such a prude even though I was given all these life lessons that sex is something to be ashamed of. I personally find stuff like intimacy, sex and lust very humanely interesting. Unfortunately when you live in Indonesia, nobody really talks about sex, not even as a form of education. Generally, most Indonesians think that sex ed is bad news, that it's going to teach kids porn. Adults and parents would rather hide their kids in the dark, never taught them anything sex-related. In short, Indonesian culture is a prude and it makes me sick. As a result, the only sex education we taught ourselves are the things we read from internet.

When I saw this article on my bloglovin feed, I was so interested I didn't need another minute to think about clicking it. Not only does it expose you to a variety of birth control available for purchase, it also tells you which one is more or less effective. Articles like this, that are so supportive of sex and people who want to practice it make me think how relevant it is to teach sex ed in school. If you think sex ed is equivalent to porn then you should probably change that mindset, sorry not sorry.

I am someone who don't like confrontations. Not because I'm scared of anything but because they just don't sit well with me emotionally. I try my best to stay away from confrontations or cases where I might be confronted or have to confront others. I just want to live my life in peace, free from dramas and exhausting people.

As much as I try to avoid confrontations or confronting people, I tend to have a bad habit where I forgot how to confront people from a place of love. While I am perfectly capable of accumulating my tone so I don't sound hostile and dangerous, confronting someone from a place of love but still upholding honesty is not easy sometimes especially if the truth is bitter and ugly.

For an INTJ, doing something from a place filled with emotions and feelings is not a default move. I don't know about you but I am all about the logical perspective which is why it's difficult for me to confront or talk to people from a place of love. It's this kind of mindset where I just want to set things straight using logic and consider the feeling of the person I'm confronting last. It's not that I don't have a heart or empathy for other people; it's more of a...default mechanism kind of thing that makes me prioritize logic. Similarly, I'm not someone who speaks before I think. If anything, I think a lot...only with logic in mind and less on feelings. This article serves as a reminder to me that I need to reduce my "logic above all" mindset and actually give a damn about the people I talk to, especially when they're people I love.

Narcissism, Social Media And Power

I've always questioned what actually revolves inside a narcissist's mind. I was never a narcissist. I don't have the confidence of a Queen Bee, I rarely take and post selfies. My instagram barely has any selfie post in it and even if it did, I'd be sure to delete the post in a span of weeks. I just don't like seeing myself photographed, even though sometimes, I do want a candid, minimalist hipster shot like this just so I can use it as my profile. But even then, I don't want a candid shot with my face so out there, bare and blunt. 

With the amount of instagram trends these days, #SelfiesGoal is everywhere. There is even a label for it, right? What do the cool kids and media call it? Ah yes, the 'Selfie Game.' There are articles like 'how strong is your selfie game?' and sayings such as 'I have to level up my selfie game.' It makes me think that social media and the reward of "staying up on top" (for instance, getting motivated by statistics and the number of Instagram likes or Snapchat followers) are what drive people today to be even more narcissistic than they already were in the beginning.

Shameless rise of the 'beg-packers': Astonishing phenomenon of Western backpackers who beg for money to fund their travelling as they journey through some of the world's poorest regions

Please read this article and then feel my frustration and anger over how stupid it is. The moment I saw this article on my Facebook feed, I can't help but to feel how dumb these white people are. If you follow me on twitter, you might have seen me talked about how degrading this bullshit is. First of all, why is this even a trend!? It's absurd. These people are begging for money as a goddamn trend when in fact, they have fancy cameras, good clothes and are very well groomed. Do these people even understand why beggars beg to begin with? Beggars do this because they need to survive. Beggars do this for millions of reasons but trend is definitely not one of them.

As much as I don't want to sound like an ass, traveling is a luxury, not a necessity. Some people expressed their disagreement to this trend and these white beggars for requesting from the needy, all for the sake of their luxurious holiday. It makes me sick how these people simply arrive in any Southeast Asian country, whose currency is also smaller than their dollars of course, and simply beg. In Indonesia, it's difficult for us to visit foreign countries because we need to pay for lots of things and yet, here we are with a bunch of privileged white people who sit down by the street, looking pretty and shameless and pitiful, begging for shit from the less wealthy.

Officially fired by Marvel, Indonesian artist Ardian Syaf says, ‘When Jews are offended, there is no mercy’

Let me tell you another embarrassing and stupid controversy, courtesy of Indonesian comic artist named Ardian Syaf who sneaked two messages from the Quran in X-men Gold #1. Before you read this article, read the prequel first here. In short, the two messages he inserted in X-Men were meant to objectify a non-Muslim candidate currently running for Jakarta's governor election. The fact that Indonesia is not only a country with conservative and prude culture, most of its people tend to be fanatic Muslims who think that unless a leader is a Muslim, he or she is not good enough and that is a sin that goes against their holy text. 

Fortunately, Syaf was fired from Marvel because he went against Marvel's principle of diversity. He posted a non-sincere apology on Facebook, saying what he did was not wrong and that he chose to sacrifice his career and that's okay. He felt no remorse, no guilt and proceeded by saying "please, no more hate or debate" — a very ironic letter of fake apology since he was the one who started it all. To make matter worse, as an impact of this controversy, other Indonesian comic artists are banned by Marvel. While I don't know how much truth lies in this, I know that this is unfair towards other Indonesian comic artists who just want to produce art. Geez, Indonesian locals makes me sick sometimes.

It's Ok to Be Happy with a Quiet Life

In a world where everything progresses fast and everyone is always busy with things, slowing down is something I've been trying to do with my life. I find that the moment I force myself to follow their pace, the greater the stress accumulates to the point where I'd feel sick and nauseous. I never really thought about it before but a part of me may be suffering FOMO (fear of missing out) which is why I always try to be as quick as the rest even if it ends with a mental breakdown. And I'm not talking about unplugging from social media and going through internet detox; I'm talking about if I see my friends achieving that much, I feel the need to achieve so much more — which is really unhealthy by the way. If you, like me, are someone who feels like experiencing a quiet life is something you're not supposed to, this post might help give you a different perspective.

Well then that's it for the first volume of Bookmarked reads. I didn't mean to make this post into a long one but I guess it end up going south. I hope at least one of these posts entertain you. 

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