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There's something about coffee shops that makes me love just spending hours and hours there. I'm not sure what that is but I'm sure a lot of you understand what I'm saying. It's the same thing with cafes, especially when they have this contemporary minimalist vibe. Not only do they serve as good working spaces, they happen to be one of my favorite dating spots in general!


Coffee shops tend to remind me of my college days. Nowadays, I don't go to coffee shops or cafes that often because I don't feel the need to and most "non-Starbucks" coffee shops like these are quite far from where I live. Speaking of Starbucks, I don't go there anymore since it's too crowded and noisy and I no longer drink as much coffee as before. (There's this stigma surrounding Starbucks as "fake coffee shop" because of their atmosphere, which I totally understand. For me, Starbucks is just a place to get my quick fix of macchiato and not necessarily a place to, well...breathe.)

Some people call these kinds of coffee shop as "hipster cafes" and while I dislike calling something "hipster", I know I love to stay in these places for hours (even for dates!)

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