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I want to blog but at the same time, I'm not in the mood to write down a lengthy post. why, you ask? well, fellas... it's because my family and I are currently struggling and things are looking very ugly for all of us. so yes, I end up creating a playlist, mixtape or whatever you wanna call this instead.

the name nostalgic woods came to me just like that. the reason why is because I've always wanted to compile a list of songs that give off that nostalgic, relaxing vibe where I can imagine myself walking in the woods while listening to them. kinda superficial, I know but whatever, right.

if you do listen to this playlist and enjoy it, I thank you for it. do tell me what you've been listening to lately and leave me some recommendations in the comment!

* i don't listen to hip hop and most mainstream radio songs (e.g. ariana grande, drake, etc)

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