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Back at it again with another project empties post! I may not be a beauty blogger but I do love collecting empty products and write mini reviews about them. Plus, it's what I call "utilizing every drop of my penny" so nothing goes to waste, unless the product breaks me out terribly. Besides, I also need to clear some space. Anyway, enough chit chat and let's dive in!

The Body Shop body butter is one of my favorite go-to body butters. Since I have dry, eczema-prone skin, I always need moisturizers (and use them like water.)

A seasonal scent from TBS Christmas 2016 edition that smells both sour and sweet at the same time. The texture isn't extremely thick but is not runny either, definitely something in between. This is ideal for people who needs hydration but hate feeling like a greasy, sticky mess. 

The best TBS scent ever! Too bad it's limited edition because I was so addicted to this scent! The texture is not too thick and is more of a lightly whipped consistency. If you're a pinita colada lover, you need this so be sure to grab it while it's available.

The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Body Butter

Suitable for extremely dry skin, this one has the thickest consistency among the three. It's also perfect if you're someone who loves nutty scents. I personally find this an intense nutty scent compared to shea butter but I love both just the same. As for the texture, since it's really thick, you have to massage it into the skin because it doesn't glide as smoothly as the other two.

Organic Supply & Co. Hemp Seed Oil

I talked about this local brand in a post before and hemp seed oil was one of the things I bought during my first time purchase. I used it to treat my dry, eczema patches and sometimes night time face moisturizer. Since I have combo skin, it's an intense moisturizer and I didn't really like it. For treating dry patches, however, it worked alright.

Organic Supply  Co. Rosehip Oil

I like this one better than the hemp seed oil. I used it mainly for night time moisturizer, on acne or acne scars. I like to mix it with the hemp seed oil or borage oil to soothe the itch on my eczema patches. Alone, it's a good moisturizer especially for people with dry, mature skin.

Hada Labo Gokujyun Light Lotion 

Hada Labo is one of my all-time favorite brands when it comes to skincare products. It's drugstore, it's affordable and it contains simple "no bullshit" ingredients. This one is ideal for people with combination to oily skin, is less thicker than the normal Gokujyun one with red label.

Hada Labo Gokujyun Foaming Face Wash

I mentioned this cleanser in my affordable cleanser post. It's definitely a holy grail for me because it does its job, foams nicely and does not irritate my skin. I'd like to think this is such a steal from the drugstore. Plus, I'm already at my second bottle now since I love it so much.

Batiste Dry Shampoo "Floral Essences"

I love Batiste but I don't like this one. The scent is too intensely perfume-y and it stings my nose. I'd opt for something lighter like the cherry or fresh one. I won't purchase this one anymore.

Shiseido Ma Cherie Air Feel Shampoo

The Shiseido Ma Cherie follows the 4-free system which means it's free from paraben, artificial pigment, mineral oil and synthetic silicon. It is not, however, free from SLS. The product itself promises volume boost and is suitable for people with oily scalp. It also has a distinctive floral scent that lingers and makes my hair smells really good throughout the day. It doesn't dry out my hair and I can walk away without using conditioner so that's a plus point. The only downside is how pricey this is so I don't think I'll repurchase.

Batiste Dry Shampoo "Cherry"

Yay for another dry shampoo! I swear I use them like they're water. Like I said, I love this one more than the floral scent.

Dr. Jart Silver Lavel Rejuvenating Whitening SPF 35 BB Cream

This is an old packaging of the product (the new one looks like this) and I've had this product for a long time now. I hate it for one reason only: the shade does not match my skin. It has this weird, dull grayish undertone that makes me look like a ghost if I wear it (I have neutral undertone and a light / light-medium complexion.) Aside from the universal shade, this product is suitable for people with oily skin. It's pretty thick in consistency and covers blemishes, acne and redness really well. If you have perfect, flawless or dehydrated skin, I'd say avoid this product.

Kiss Me Heroine Make Mineral BB Cream SPF 50

I'm not a fan of BB Cream (I prefer a lightweight foundation) but this one is pretty good. It is thin in consistency, has medium coverage and a brightening dewy finish. The sad thing is how Asian BB creams tend to have very limited shades. I have mine in shade 01 Light and it's too pale for my skin. I'm not sure if I should have picked shade 02 Natural because it's a beige shade with yellow undertone and I was afraid it'd be too warm for me.

That's it for this empties post! If you managed to survive throughout the entire post, you deserve a virtual cookie. I also hope you find the mini reviews to be helpful. I would love to hear about your recent empty products in the comment below!

* these are products I'd repurchase

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