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I decided to delete all previous monthly favorite posts (which was entitled "what I've been loving") and rewrite the series from scratch. I don't know if this is going to be a staple series or not but we'll see. In the mean time, here are a few cool things from last month.


Teen Wolf Season 6a

Anyone here a fan of the show, please raise your hand. If you're a fan of Stydia, please raise both your hands and I will love you forever. If you follow me on twitter, you've probably seen my consecutive tweets about Teen Wolf. I mentioned in this post about how I binge-watched Season 4 onwards ever since I saw this gif and I said, "that's it, I will have to download and marathon the series again." I don't think I'd pick the show again if my OTP is not endgame but hey, they're endgame and I'm happy.

I do have a few complaints about season 6 though. I don't want to spoil the show for anyone but dang, some characters and scenes made me roll my eyes and be like "geez, get it over and done with." I also have mixed feelings about Malia because she's the reason I stopped watching Teen Wolf after season 3. The only thing I can say is that I pretty much ignored Malia as I watched the show because I was so focused on my Queen Lydia and how badass she is. Aside from that, I'm still so sad about Arden Cho leaving the show because I'm going to miss Kira Yukimura so so much. I also miss Derek Hale and it doesn't look like Tyler Hoechlin is going to be back for season 6b either. I still miss Allison and Isaac too, by the way.

I can't wait for part 2 of season 6! We need more Stydia and I don't want Scott x Malia to happen.

Mr. Robot Season 2

Caught up with season 2 of Mr. Robot near the end of February and I've been enjoying each episode so far. I also got my boyfriend into watching the series and he has watched more than me (safe to say he's actually way more excited than I am). I haven't watched too far (still at episode 4, y'all) and since I finished the first season last year, there were some scenes and information I end up forgetting so I'm quite slow with the second season. Plus, Mr. Robot doesn't feel like a TV series; to me, it feels like a super lengthy film chopped down to parts, if that makes sense. Still, I'll get by, I'll get by.


Sukiya Tokyo Bowls & Noodles

I think my boyfriend and I just found our new favorite food place for when we're on a date next time. Yes, we have certain places where, unconsciously or not, we'd end up choosing when we need to fetch our lunch — Carl's Jr is one of them if we want to satisfy our craving for burgers. We recently went to Sukiya, an affordable Japanese restaurant serving gyudon (beef bowls), other donburi (rice bowl dishes) and curry. Although this place sounds exactly like Yoshinoya (they're definitely rivals), I love Sukiya for their soft boiled egg curry rice bowl which was what I ordered. Their karaage chicken were crunchy and delicious too. Their miso soup, on the other hand, tastes average.

Lowan Apricot & Almond Muesli

I've been in love with this muesli for years but it wasn't until last month that I repurchased it. And then just like that, I was addicted again. I still am. First of all, compared to other muesli brands sold in grocery stores here, Lowan is a more affordable choice. Tasty and more affordable compared to other brands? Sign me up!

A healthy, fulfilling choice compared to normal sugary cereals, this one contains wholegrain oats, dried apricots, almonds, coconuts and seeds. It does contain raisins though which annoys me because I hate raisins.

P.S: I also love their apple & cinnamon variant.


Pull & Bear New York Eau de toilette

This is probably the first eau de toilette that I have fallen in love with. I have sensitive skin so I don't spray perfume on my skin (only on my clothes!) and most perfumes are too strong to my liking that I end up settling down with body mist instead. But this, this item is ah-ma-zing. I love the scent so so much! It's not too strong but not intensely sweet either. Since I suck at describing scent, the only thing I can say is how quite vanilla-ish this perfume smells. It definitely smells stronger than a body mist but it's nothing that sends me into a pit of dizziness.

Pull & Bear also has other options (see here) but they're too strong for my liking. I prefer something sweeter but not intensely sweet, you know?

 Soap & Glory Butter Yourself Body Cream

I love love this body butter! It does what it says; it hydrates, locks in moisture and sinks into the skin really well. I love how the texture is quite thick but still glides on very easily onto the skin.

The product itself says that it contains exfoliationg AHAs, orange waterjuice, shea butter, peppermint oil and fruitliquid fig. I have to say, this really does smell like orange juice with hints and traces of perfume. If you're sensitive to scent, don't worry since that perfume-y smell will sink into your skin quickly. I'm sensitive to intense "perfume" smell but I can handle this one so...
Garnier Pure Active Matcha Deep Cleansing Foam

I have found a new favorite cleanser for when I have breakouts and it's this green one from Garnier. Before I tried this, I swore by Clean & Clear's Daily Pore Cleanser and while I still like that one, this one from Garnier just did its job way better. I'd like to think it has something to do with the salicylic acid in Garnier's Matcha foam which is surprising because I once used a cleanser with salicylic acid in it and that thing caused my skin to flake like snake (does that rhyme? Lol)

I also love how creamy it is and that it lathers so well that a tiny bit goes such a long way. Can you believe this product does not contain sulfate!? Yeap, that's true. SLS free, people! It also contains menthol which explains the cooling, tingling sensation I personally love.

what have you been loving in the month of February?

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