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I love indie music, that alone is super obvious if you've known me for a while. And just like that, I've been into the indie, "oldy but a goodie" 90s vibe too when it comes to a lot of things. I don't know about you but there's something about a 90s bedroom that intrigues me and I wish I have such pastel colored bedroom with lots of posters and books and records. I think it has something to do with me watching Stranger Things too.

I used to have posters on my bedroom walls but when the room went through a renovation and I had new wallpapers, my parents forbid me to pin anything on my wall, said it's ugly and messy. Yes, people, you heard that right; it's my room and I'm not given the permission to decorate it the way I want. Also, even though a minimalist interior is more often than not defined by cleanly painted and posterless walls, I have this ongoing debate inside me because I, too, love the 90s vibe bedroom, ya feel me? I might just try to create a crossover theme between contemporary minimalism and the 90s vibe for my future bedroom, ha.

I've been in love with firefly string lights too ever since I discovered their existence and have always dreamed of having my bedroom decorated with them. I know how cliche they look though because this is probably so...tumblr but hey, I love lights so whatever.

If I were to own such bedroom, I'd probably paint my walls in pastel colors (preferably blue-green) and collect lots of pastel colored things, keep a crap ton of books and music albums and paste polaroid prints above my table where my desktop is stationed. And then, I'll spend my time spacing out or reading a book while listening to Fall Out Boy's Save Rock & Roll album on high volume.

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What would be your ideal bedroom? Do you like the 90s vibe?

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