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I've been doing some purchases lately especially when it comes bath and body care and several others from the drugstore. This list also covers items that are not super new but are super old either because I find that it's better to curate them instead of writing a very short entry featuring one or two products. I've also tried some of them so there will be a really brief first impressions review.

The Bath Box

The Bath Box is an Indonesian-based brand who sells natural, fresh and handmade products ranging from beauty to bath and hair care items. Founded in 2013, their products are free from sulfates, silicone and fragrance, making them very safe for extremely sensitive skin and those who suffer from skin disorders such as psoriasis and eczema. When I first encountered The Bath Box's page on Instagram, I thought some of their packaging reminds me of Lush products and I find that very adorable because I loooove Lush packaging and am very sad that there's no Lush store here.

Goats Don't Lie Bourbon

Type —  liquid soap

Claim — No detergents, no preservative, no fragrance, no harsh chemicals[/one_third]

One of their best-selling products is their Goats Don't Lie liquid soap which is perfect for all skin types, including those who suffer from eczema and psoriasis. As the name suggests, the product is made from organic goat's milk from local farmers in West Java. They have four variations of the GDL liquid soap: plain, bourbon, geranium and tea tree. I wanted to try the plain one but it ran out fast so I end up getting the bourbon version. It's a good product so far, is very gentle and smells nice.

Oatberry Hair Treatment

Type —  pre-washing hair mask

With fresh strawberry, fresh lemon, oat milk, abyssinian oil and honey[/one_third]

I love the scent of their hair mask! This one smells freshly sour-sweet and you can definitely sense the scent of fresh strawberries and lemon. Since it's a 100gr product, I haven't been using it diligently so I can't prove its claim. I'm not so sure about pre-wash hair mask either but I'm thinking of buying the 200gr size because I have medium hair. I'd like to see how this performs in the long term.

Organic Supply & Co

I wrote a post about Organic Supply & Co last year (which you read here) and in that post, I talked about purchasing their epsom salt and 3 organic oils. Since then, I have purchased a few more oils from their page. This marks my second purchase from Organic Supply & Co and I also purchased different oils because I'm still in that phase of trying out to find the perfect one for my eczema. This time, I purchased macadamia oil, virgin coconut oil, sweet almond oil, calendula infused oil and castor oil and so far, I've tried macadamia nut and virigin coconut oils for my eczema and I love them more than borage or hemp seed oils. For castor oil, I've been applying it to my lashes. I'm not sure if I'm crazy but I do think castor oil works for lash growth. I also bought their montmorillonite clay which is supposedly good for dermatitis and other skin disorders.

Soap & Glory

FINALLY! I've been dying to try Soap & Glory's products especially their moisturizers. Since there's no Soap & Glory here (well, Sephora doesn't carry the whole collection and it sucks), I had to preorder this online and waited almost a week before I can actually touch them. I loooooove the smoothie star body buttercream since it smells SO MUCH LIKE A CAKE! It smells so sweet and very vanilla-ish, perfect for those who dislike Soap & Glory's really sour scent aka their Sugar Crush line. I wanted to try their Righteous body butter too but was suggested that the Butter Yourself smells less strong and less sour. I find that Butter Yourself's scent is a medium-level perfume strength of sweet and citrus-y sour but nothing my sensitive nose cannot handle. I am aware that Soap & Glory products carry quite prominent perfume-ish scent so if you prefer a softer choice then I suggest trying out their Smoothie Star line first.

Got two new Batiste dry shampoos (love the cherry and blush scent most and hate the floral one), a Maybelline makeup remover, two mascaras (that I mentioned in this post before) and a Je L'aime Shiny Repair shampoo from the Japanese brand, Kose. I wanted to buy my favorite volumizing shampoo (the purple Shiseido Tsubaki) but since the online store I usually buy it from no longer holds any stock, I have to find a different silicone-free shampoo and I'm excited to try Je L'aime. As for the mascaras, I have yet to try Catrice's Glam & Doll but I do enjoy the Maybelline Falsies Push-Up for separating and lengthening my lashes. It did smudge a little but I think it's because I was using contacts dropper carelessly.

H&M and Pull & Bear

Okay I swear this is the last one. I bought three of these items when I was out with the boyfriend yesterday (yay for one year anniversary? LOL). The white with black polkadots was from H&M while the chicken shirt and the travel sized New York perfume were from Pull & Bear. I think Pull & Bear is going to become my go-to store when it comes to scents because I swear, I almost bought their Frosted Pink Eau de Toilette because it smelled soooo good! I'm not a perfume hoarder and eau de toilette can be overwhelming for me most of the times but man, Pull & Bear might change me sooner than intended. Bonus points, I think P & B might be my new second go-to clothing store after H&M, replacing F21 because F21's items suck big time now.

Alright, alright. I know you're probably bored of this post. Luckily, I don't have anything else to share so this list shall ends here. Your turn now: what did you purchase recently? 


  1. I love the packaging of Organic Supply & Co! Hmm, I don't buy too many beauty products, but recently I did get to new Essie polishes! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  2. I have heard of Pull & Bear and it looks like they have really nice clothes! I only saw them in Europe though... but damn, European clothes are usually very nice and good quality.

    The Bath Box sounds very cool and skin-friendly. I like how Indonesia is getting a little more hip. I hear so many people say Indonesia is boring – I mean, I don’t care so much and I know people have opinions, and I gotta admit I don’t find Indonesia interesting – but the fact that my parents are from there, I really want more good things to say about it haha!

  3. pfft don't worry, i do find indonesia boring too. or at least, jakarta (which is where i'm staying) the thing with local indonesians or at least the ones found in jakarta, they're mostly filthy asshole pigs who have no respect towards foreigners and chinese-indonesians like me. i'm only indonesian because my ID says so anyway, i refuse to be grouped together with them. i know this sounds so snobbish of me but believe me, even though there are some good natured indonesian locals, most of them are filthy pigs who'd approach you and be like "mister mister, do you want sex?" and urgh, so damn disgusting. anyway, my point is, even I hate the place where i live. i'm not sure about other places in indonesia but from my experience, the people in Bali are a little more...how do i say this, civil? gahd, i can go on and on about local indonesians in jakarta that piss and disgust me sfm.

  4. I envy you that you have access to these stuff! I (now) live in a boring farm city in California and we don't really have anything other than grocery/drugstore brands. There's a Lush store, but it's like 60 miles from where I live.

  5. Thanks for sharing what's new in! :D

    I've not heard of many of these but SOAP & GLORY OMG. I fell in love with Soap and Glory two years ago? It was on this ridiculous offer haha. xD Anyway, I got most of the body soap/washes and I tried some facial creams/masks. I really loved them but I felt for some of their sizes they were a little pricey haha! But still really awesome!

  6. Oehhh nice haul!!
    I have never heard of The Bath Box and certainly
    have not heard of goatmilk in beauty products! I
    do like goatcheese and yogurt though :P
    Loooove the chicken shirt from P&B! Great wear
    for this CNY too :P Xx http://icepandora.blogspot.com

  7. yea, soap & glory sure is pricey imo but welp, the smoothie star scent is addicting so i might get it again once i'm out of it. a little bit pricier than the body shop too but maybe because i ordered it online and it has something to do with currency exchange. still, not a cheap brand. i heard their vitamin C facial foam wash is really good! i'm really curious bout that one though.

  8. aw that sucks. but drugstores can be fun too sometimes. then again, it's always interesting to see products that we don't have access to locally, right. i really want to try Lush but i can't get them here lol

  9. Ooo that hair mask sounds so yummy, and so does the Soap & Glory body butter! I remember trying a sample of it a while ago and loving the yummy scent :D it's very nourishing without being sticky either, I'm just waiting to finish my body lotion stash before I buy the full sized product! :P


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