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A little fun fact about me is how I tend to spend my phone credit on LINE stickers or coins...that I end up using to purchase stickers and themes. I have a crap ton of stickers and themes, making them one of the two reasons why I run out of phone credit pretty quickly, the other reason being internet subscription. Out of all the stickers I have owned, one of my favorites is this adorable pink haired girl and her cat called Frannerd which is basically a sticker of Fran Meneses, the illustrator herself.

Fran Meneses, or Frannerd, is a UK-based Chilean illustrator whose style reminds me of something that comes out from one of Roald Dahl's books. It reminds me of Peter Rabbit, another children's book that I grew up reading and loving for its illustration style. A lover of pastel colors, Frannerd's illustration feels light, is simple and minimalistic but never boring. Not only does she illustrate all "lovey dovey" stuff, she basically takes everything and anything into illustrations! From everyday itsy-bitsy things such as doing laundry to monthly favorites, she turns them all into illustration and if that's not adorable then I don't know what is.

Style wise, they reflect a lot from old, classic cartoons. In a video where she talked about how she developed and came up with her own illustration style, she discussed about how she was inspired by a lot of things, from anime to classic black and white Disney to Klasky-Csupo Nickelodeon cartoons such as The Wild Thornberrys and Hey Arnold. It's fascinating when an illustrator discovers his or her own style because as much as I want to draw, I'm not that great when it comes to drawing. If anything, I don't have a signature style and I draw (or doodle, if you must) a lot of disproportional characters with wide eyes and intense "sleep deprived" puffy eyes followed by skinny, tall arms and legs simply because I am in love with Tim Burton's Corpse Bride.

If you're an aspiring illustrator who's still struggling to find your own style, I recommend watching the video and check out Frannerd's YouTube channel for more illustration-related videos. Side note, she also does a lot of watercolor art and I loooooove watercolor art.

Now, putting the whole blabbering aside, let me share with you some of my favorite Frannerd artworks...

Other than a YouTube channel, Fran also has a blog and is pretty active on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. You can also check her portfolio here and her Etsy shop which is temporarily closed because she's currently working on a book. Oh and of course, don't forget to check her adorable LINE sticker set!

all artworks via fran's instagram

 Have you ever heard of Frannerd before? What do you think of her art?


  1. These illustrations look so cute!

    Hannie Arden | Missing Wanderer

  2. I never heard of her since I don't really "hangout" in illustrators communities", But her art is very cute! I do envy such talent.

    I am happy to hear that part of her inspiration are Hey Arnold and The Wild Thornberries. I used to love them a lot back in Nickelodeon.

  3. I've never heard of LINE stickers before but after clicking around the site I can see why you love buying them since they're so cute! What do you exactly do with the stickers? Do you edit them onto photos/ send them in texts? I'm intrigued! Anyways I love Fran's work! I can definitely see her classical cartoon influence. The one about the empty cup gave me a good laugh since I also get bugged by that lol

    Mili | Sharmtoaster

  4. ahh the illustrations are too cute! now i know what to buy for my next line sticker.

  5. hi Mili!

    the stickers are used the same way emoji is. you basically send them via chat, like an emoji but is better and bigger and lovelier! LINE is popular because everyone loves using stickers and it's known for its sticker. some of them are animated too :D

  6. I love Frannerd!!!! <3<3<3

    Her illustrations always make me smile. I love her style so much and the pastel coloring is just...GAH! Wonderful! I hope to buy things from her Etsy for the longest time. I love her youtube videos and blog so much, I'd love to create content like that. My editing skills are only so so but I'm determined to keep learning. :) Fran is my biggest inspiration.

  7. Awww, so happy you dedicated this post to Fran! I love her illustrations! I found out about her a while back when she used to appear in some of EstΓ©e's vlogs and I've been following her since then kinda on and off. I also got some of the pens Fran uses (I'm such a stationary-geek haha).

  8. I have never heard of Fran but I love her illustrations and the humour in some of them! I love the one about the underwear and black clothing. I think there’s some real advice in there. πŸ˜† And the coffee cups scream Instagram and all that shit... I may have taken a photo of an empty Starbucks cup once, because I liked the way the person wrote my name. No one knows it was empty... 😜 No... 😜

    I don’t use LINE but iMessage has some stickers you can download too. There are some really cute ones like a bouncing sushi pack that really makes me laugh.

  9. Aaah okay! I was browsing the site and was sucked in by the cuteness :D Does the recipient also have to download the line app? Or do they automatically see them?

  10. yes, in order to use these stickers, you have to download the app (whether on pc or mobile) after you purchased them, you can then download them. sometimes, LINE gives out free stickers too but free stickers tend to suck since they're mostly for the sake of promotion.



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