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I've been feeling sick lately and I can't be bothered to write a lengthy blog post so I thought what's better than to update the blog with a mood board? Besides, I've been thinking of getting a cushion to support my back when I'm sitting down in front of my computer. It's actually unbelievable how I don't have a cushion and I end up using this stuffed animal I got from IKEA to prevent back pain.  I'm not sure about you but I've been into adorable looking cushions lately and it's what I've been browsing about on Pinterest, Society6 and other sites while I'm lying on my bed resting.

I think it's obvious to say that I looooove cushions that can double as stuffed toys. I do love cushions with adorable covers but I prefer unique, stuffed toys-turn-cushions even more! I'm actually not embarrassed to admit that at the age of 20, I still love stuffed toys. I think it's really comfortable to have cushions that can alternatively be hugging stuffed toys material because let's face it, I actually do want a huge ass teddy bear someday!

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What about you, do you collect or have any favorite cushion(s)? 


  1. I went to IKEA last week and their stuffed animal collection is amazing!!!!! They're all cute and affordable! I love the minimal look of these pillows! (Shh, I wouldn't mind having them in my house in the future...)

    It's okay to have stuffed animals when you're in your 20's, 30's, and etc. They're cute and doesn't hurt to have a childhood reference :) (Just don't go overboard and be on that Hoarders TV show XD).

  2. These cushions look so adorable! I'm trying to find the perfect one for my back as well, since I'm a student and most of my life involves a chair. When I followed your link to Ikea and I realized what it was, a small smile crept onto my face because it was the same one I begged my parents to get me when I was nine! It was great for me to be reminded of that memory again haha

    grace ♡ http://www.gracee.co

  3. I love cushions, and when I move out I am most certainly going to buy some cute cushions. Although I do love the ones with cute designs, I think I will be buying some that are more standard/boring shaped, but with interesting designs – more interesting and colourful than “cutesy”. But I have been in love with speech bubble pillows and, get this – sushi pillows!!

    I love the mountain pillows though, those are adorable :3

  4. aww, that plushie is so adorable and soft and it holds a dear meaning for me too :D

  5. every time i go to ikea with my boyfriend, i can't help but to hug all the plushies there like "ermageeehd i want you guys to be mineeee" but there's price in quality and the huge plushies in ikea aren't cheap imo haha

  6. omg, i've seen images of the sushi pillows! they're funny haha i'd love to have them too :P

  7. I need to buy more cushions after seeing all of these! Thanks for sharing and hope you are feeling better soon =o)


  8. The cushions are so cute! I also love cushions that double as stuffed toys. I have a strawberry shaped one that I like using for bed. Also, I love your mood boards. You always have the neatest images and it makes me want to purchase one, haha.

  9. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having stuffed anything in your life no matter your age :) I still have my teddy bear from middle school, and I even knitted it a scarf a couple of years ago XD That's still on my bed, and it's not leaving anytime soon.

    I do love these cushions you have shared. I don't really go looking for such things, so I had no idea there were so many great cushions/stuffed animal cushions out there! All of them really appeals to me, and it's making me want to go on an interior design spree now, haha!

    I hope whatever's ailing you leaves you be soon. *hugs* Being sick is never fun!

  10. The cushions are just so cute!!! But if I'll ever buy one cushion from the pictures you uploaded, I'll go for the cats!!! 😸 😻

  11. These are so cute :O




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