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December is the month for sales and The Body Shop is one of the many stores that is prone to sweet deals and sales. When it comes to Christmas, they also release different seasonal products annually; this year, it's all about Frosted Berries, Spice Apple and Vanilla Chai. As a fan of The Body Shop, you guessed it right that I did some damage recently on both the website and the store.

This year, The Body Shop has decided to bring out three new seasonal range that I have mentioned above. Each range consists of body butter, lotion and scrub, shower gel, hand cream, body "shimmer" mist, bath foam, lip balm and candle. I may or may not left some things there so apologies for that. Unfortunately for candle lovers, I did not find any of the seasonal range's candle sold in Indonesia so product availability definitely differs according to countries. And unfortunately for me, they ran out of stock for the hand cream both on the website and in store.

Fragrance wise, I personally love the Frosted Berries range best for its fresh, sour berry scent (doh!) and subtle hints of juicy sweetness. Spiced Apple, on the other hand, smells like cinnamon and ginger combined, spicy and strange yet interesting and new. Last but not least, we have Vanilla Chai; it is, as you may have guessed, smells like nothing but vanilla. I did not detect the essence of chai tea in it and it reminds me of the typical Body Shop vanilla body butter thus I did not find this one very special. Frankly, I was quite disappointed by the Vanilla Chai range since the other two seems so special and new. That's not to say it smells bad though, especially if you are a fan of vanilla like me.

A few things I managed to get:

  • Amazonian Acai Energising Radiance mask — TBS recently released a collection of vegetarian vegan "super food" face masks that can be used altogether depending on where you want to apply them. That means you can use a plumping mask on your cheeks and a purifying one on your T-zone. Pretty neat, huh. Since I still have my blue corn purifying mask, I decided to first try the one dedicated to boost radiance and reduce dullness and fatigue.

  • Frosted Berries body butter — I decided to get my favorite fragrance out of the three seasonal picks in body butter. The texture is not as thick or hard so it doesn't go on super sticky on my skin.

  • Spiced Apple body lotion — I haven't tried this one yet so I can't really confirm its texture. When I got this in the mail, I thought it didn't smell as strong as its body butter so getting the lotion version was the right choice.

  • Seaweed face exfoliator — I've been using this because I ran out of my aloe exfoliator that's dedicated for sensitive skin. I gotta say I like this one better; it has that prominent scrubby microbeads feeling too. A good choice if you have combination skin like me.

  • Frosted Berries & Spiced Apple shimmer mists — they are basically the seasonal version of body mists but of course, there's a reason why they are called shimmer mists instead: they do contain shimmers that when you shake them, they turn the fancy concoction into this powdery, chalky looking substance, almost like a potion. More on the scents description here and here.

  • Shower puff — just your typical shower puff, nothing special. I am in need of a new shower puff because my old one, one I got from Daiso, is turning stupid.
I did purchase other things besides items from The Body Shop as well but they are just cliche, non-interesting items from the drugstore like Nivea's cleansing milk, Maybelline's The Falsies mascara and some sheet masks. I may or may not blog about them but we'll see later. In the mean time, my cabinet is full of body moisturizers that I need to use up (and they are not only from The Body Shop so you can imagine how many I have waiting in line) Oh gosh, why can't I stop buying body butters and lotions...

What did you purchase recently for this month? Did you treat yourself to a splurge?


  1. Haha, I always shop in my favourite shops both online and in store without hesitation of the delivery charges.

    My mom recently bought me a body shop body butter and i've been trying to use it everyday but with it being cold in the UK I just can't do it xD Hoping off the shower and putting the butter on hahahahaha!

    Thank you for sharing your favourites! I'm looking to start my routine in skincare and take it more seriously next year xD

  2. that amazonian acai mask sounds like something i need to try. i haven't yet to treat myself for a splurge so that might be it!

  3. Ooooh I love the smells of frosted berries and spiced apple! The shimmer bottle looks pretty. I would think spiced apple is a glorified name for cinnamon apple or something XD. The radiance mask reminds me of jam. Sounds like you can make a few use out of the mask! I've seen seaweed being a popular ingredient these days. I gotta try it out! Hehe, I'm sure The Body Shop will have more sale after Christmas ;). I splurged on Clinique products big time!

  4. I love Body Shop! :) Nice haul you got there. I'm currently looking for a good body scrub though. Maybe they have one.

  5. Their non-seasonal scrub, the one from honeymania range is my fave, especially if you're a honey fan :D

  6. They look so awesome! :D It's great when you can find sales for products you really like. :D


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