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I have a thing for cozy bed — then again, who doesn't? If I have any comfort spot at home, it's definitely going to be my bed. I do love my desktop computer desk but the bed will always be the spot where I spend my time loafing around reading, drinking tea and/or browsing things online on my handheld device. I also enjoy warm covers, snuggle time with my stuffed animals or, if I'm lucky, cuddle with A when he's over at my house, heh. Without further ado, let's proceed to today's Whitespace entry, featuring all things bed and cozy.

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Other than the fact that I love reading, drinking tea or milk or whatever really and lazing around, I love the sight of a messy bed. I'm not sure why but it looks artistic to me. Believe it or not, I don't have a full on bed; I sleep on a mattress, not a bed so yes, I don't have any bed headboard. I personally don't mind sleeping on only-mattress but having a bed headboard would be nice to lean against. Aside from the missing bed headboard, I don't have a candle in my room since I have quite a small room and a candle could be dangerous. I'd love me some candle one day, though — preferably from Bath & Body Works.

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Now it's your turn: what is your favorite way to spend time on your bed?


  1. Oddly enough, I share the same fondness towards messy beds. I mean messy, not dirty. It delights me and comforts me, like it's whispering that I'll always have the best rest while laying.


  2. What a beautiful set of photographs, dear friend! To be quite honest, I am rather inspired now to abandon all the work I was in the middle of & instead cosy up with the dog & a good book... though I know that is rather an impractical request, haha. The lovely bed will be here once exams are over, but this was such a wonderful little inspiration & motivation to power through finals so that I can, in fact, spend days doing nothing. Thank you so much for sharing. xx

  3. I always love a cozy bed (especially one that makes me fall asleep fast). I love beds with white or light-colored sheets. I love using my phone on my bed... I can't really do anything else because I literally fall asleep if I try to read or write XD. I'm usually a messy eater so drinks and food can stay off the bed!

  4. I don't get lazy sundays in bed as I am usually working :( but on my days off I love to snuggle up in my duvet and watch Netflixs, with a bucket load of food of course!x


  5. lazy moodboard is my kind of moodboard YEEEESSSS <3 i love everything!

  6. I don’t really like the sight of a messy bed but I do sit in mine with my laptop and get all cozied up, I don’t have a headboard because I just have two mattresses on top of each other. I have giant pillows I lean on. I just hate my desk so much and it’s not comfortable so I don’t sit at it. :p I have made it a habit to make my bed every morning so I really dislike it being messy. 😆



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