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Introducing Whitespace a column dedicated to  cozy homes and interior design.

I hate my current working space at home, let's just get that out of the way. I've always dreamed about designing the look of my room and working desk space from scratch, with my own table and chair of choice and other miscellaneous extras. Since I am mostly in front of my computer, I'd really love to have a minimalist looking desk space — this is probably one of my #homegoals.

I recently find myself browsing a lot of Scandinavian interior design, most of them are home desk space references. But wait, "what is Scandinavian design?" — it's actually a term used to represent a modernized design movement characterized by minimalism, simplicity and functionality. In Scandinavian interior design, you will find comfort and clarity in a light, open setting with walls that are predominantly painted in white, tall ceilings and large windows. Other than the fact that I love bright and high-key environment dominated by white, I love how the Nordic interior style pays attention to crisp aesthetic and comfortable functionality which, in my opinion, is not always an easy thing to achieve. After all, a pretty thing may not serve a fully functional purpose.

For this post, I would like to share some of the beautiful work spaces I have found around the web — also known as 90% Pinterest and 10% other sources.

I just love white and I've always wanted my room — or house, even — to be dominated by white. I do love some vibrant colors but only as accents because I don't like incorporating yellow. Lime colors are lovely but a full on bright yellow will hurt my eyes. I just hate yellow, lol.

I know what you're probably thinking: white tables or white walls look like they are going to get dirty so easily! I know my parents dislike using white due to that reason. If you are into the Scandinavian living style who are afraid of white, you can use soft beige tone as substitute. The point is to also create a brightly lit environment and an open space feeling.

Now, if only I have my own space or at the very least get to re-do my bedroom from scratch... I'd love to hunt for minimalist items in IKEA and replace my wood desk with a white, minimalist one.

How about you? Do you like minimalist interior design? What do you think of the Scandinavian / Nordic living style? How would you decorate your own space — will they be vibrant and colorful or soft tone and crisp?

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  1. I love looking at minimalistic and modern spaces! It's so inspiring, and it makes me want to do the same in my house. I like looking at all white spaces and how bright they are, though I have the same fear as your parents when it comes to maintaining white furniture. We have white walls and light carpet in our house, but I've been contrasting them with simple black or dark gray furniture. Then I'll use a bit of color as an accent, like red pillows. These photos make me want to buy some new furniture though!

  2. Thanks for the intro to Scandinavian design. I wonder how the name came about? Is it just the name or is this particular type of design popular in the Scandinavian region? I really like reading about all your design inspirations. I think the first one is my favorite!

    I agree that accented colors on a white background make those colors pop out instead of being overwhelming.

  3. scandinavian is also sometimes called the nordic design, a design movement that emerged from nordic countries in 1950. i think it's called scandinavian / nordic design because that's where it began.

  4. Thanks for sharing - I've attempted to go under the minimalistic look with my room but since I share a room with my sister (and she hoards EVERYTHING) it's quite hard to be minimal in my room.

    My dad is an architect so he has a good eye for interior design and also is very fond of white so the whole house is white, downstairs is mostly a white and black theme! It's nice but I wish my room (where I'm mostly staying at) was neater! D:

  5. Yum. I adore the examples you have shared and I love modern design. I studied a few designers in Uni who created beautiful pieces that were so simple, functional and true to form. A space that is elegant, simple and has a lot of white really has my vote. I would love to style a house around that concept. :D Maybe one day!

  6. your house sounds so dreamy! it really does make a difference when a family member has good eye for design, isn't it... aww, i'm imagining your house right now lol i'm so jealous

  7. Hannie Arden Blaise7 November 2016 at 00:52

    I absolutely loved this! I wish I could just re-decorate my whole flat and make it look like on these pictures.

    Hugs, Hannie | Missing Wanderer

  8. I love that kind of workspace. You can get some inspiration by looking outside and work in a super clean workspace. Plus, you can have some natural lighting for photography ;). Scandinavian interior designs are awesome! I've been looking at them and *hoping* to apply that concept to my house sometime in the future. YES! Pinterest is awesome when it comes to finding eyegasm pics for awesome designs. I want my walls to be white too XD. I wouldn't mind buying everything white (until I have kids). Minimalism is good. That way, there's less to clean XD.

  9. the third and last photo are definitely my aesthetics. i looovvveee white but i'm the laziest person to keep em pristine. what an irony uwu



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