Tim Walker


My blogging schedule is so messed up this month and I'm so beyond managing my columns. It's the last day before the month ends so I thought, let's finish it with some visual inspiration for my blog's artist of the month corner — which I have decided to rename into "Creative Corner" instead. Today's corner is going feature beautiful shots from British fashion photographer Tim Walker whose renowned works regularly appear on Vogue, W Magazine and LOVE Magazine.

A London-based photographer who regularly shoots for famous magazines, Walker's works look like a dream come true especially if you are a fan of Alice in Wonderland and Tim Burton-esque kind of work — they are dreamy, edgy in all the right places and hauntingly beautiful. The first time I came across his work, I was in awe. In awe. Not only does his theme of photography amaze the crap outta me, he also photographs actors and actresses from time to time.

Below are some of my favorite shots from him. I hope you're inspired as much as I am.

sources: tim walker photography / pinterest

If you fancy having his works in printed forms, Walker has published five books in total, each with sample pages that can be seen here on the website.

Do you have any favorite photographer or photography theme? 


  1. Wow, those photographs are absolutely amazing. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great selection of his work! I am a big fan of Tim Walker. The V&A held a retrospective of his work a couple years back and it was so fascinating. You're so right about the fairytale quality of his work - it's so whimsical! x



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