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One of my favorite things to read or watch on YouTube would be an empties video where bloggers talk about products they've used up, would they repurchase it, so on so forth. There is something satisfying about seeing empty packaging because it takes a lot of dedication to actually used up a product. I personally am not quick enough to used up an entire product so it really amaze me when I see people who used up their products so quickly in a span of one year.

Body Lotions & Butters

An empties post will not be complete without me showcasing a lot of empty bottles and tubs of body butters and lotions. They are mostly from The Body Shop because 90% of the time, that is where I go to when I need body moisturizers.

Body Butters —

  1. Vitamin E — light pink in color, the vitamin E range is dedicated to dry skin by providing intense hydration. It has neither thick nor runny texture but is still hydrating enough for normal to dry skin. I also love how it has a mild scent that does not sting my nose and cause me to have a headache. It also applies smoothly due to its butter-like texture so you don't have to worry about it turning you into a greasy hot dog. This is probably my first favorite body butter.

  2. Satsuma — unlike the vitamin E one, this fresh, sour citrus scented body butter is great for normal to dry skin. Its texture and consistency is that of a smooth whip cream, neither thick or runny. Although I love the scent at first, it slowly tires me out for some unknown reason. My friend said that it smells like bath soap, lol.

  3. Strawberry — definitely my second favorite after the vitamin E, the strawberry body butter smells SO DELICIOUS. Compare to Satsuma, this one has a thicker and richer texture and consistency. Great for normal to dry skin, it glides on easily onto my skin while providing hydration.

  4. Honeymania — I looooove honey, be it honey flavor or scent or honey itself. Unlike the first three body butters, the honeymania body butter is pretty thick and is good for dry to very dry skin. I'd recommend using it before going to bed because using it during day time will just cause a meltdown especially if you live in a humid, tropical country like I do. However, if you live in a country with seasons, this might be a good body butter for intense hydration during winter time.

Body Lotions —

  1. Satsuma — unlike the body butter version, I prefer satsuma in body lotion. Since it is a water-based lotion, it glides on so smoothly and is great for normal skin. I wouldn't recommend this if you need intense hydration for your extremely dry skin.

  2. Shea Whip — suitable for very dry skin, the shea whip body lotion is one of my favorite Body Shop lotions due to its nutty scent. It has a thick, whipped cream-like texture that provides just the right amount of hydration during the day. Even though it is thick in consistency, it does not turn you into a greasy mess so I like to use both during the day and before going to bed.

  3. Mango Whip — since it's also called a whip body lotion, it's no surprise that the mango whip has similar texture and consistency as the shea one. However, whipped formula lotions are not as thick as body butter. If you love mango but dislike the thick texture of a body butter and still need something more hydrating than a light lotion, this fluffy mango whip is a good choice for normal to dry skin.

Skincare & others

  1. Max Factor Colour Correcting CC Cream — I don't usually use BB creams because I am more of a colour correcting person. The Max Factor CC Cream was my first ever CC cream and I gotta say, I quite like it. It may not be the best but it's not a bad product either. It provides medium to full coverage, does not cling onto the dry patches around my nose, feels lightweight and gives me a natural, flawless look. Definitely great for everyday, lazy day no-makeup makeup look.

  2. Hada Labo Shirojyun Face Wash — packed with vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and arbutin, this is a budget friendly drugstore face wash that moisturize my skin and gives it a supple, bouncy feeling. Because I have combination skin, I only use this during night time in order to keep my skin from being dehydrated. If you are looking for an affordable, moisturizing and brightening face wash, this gentle cleanser might be worth trying.

  3. Kerastase Ciment Thermique — my holy grail hair styling product, the ciment thermique is a heat protecting hair milk for weak and damaged hair. I mentioned about the Kerastase Thermique in my previous haircare post.

  4. The Body Shop Seaweed Clarifying Night Treatment — my first ever night cream which, by the way, is not a cream at all. It has a clear gel formula that sinks into the skin so quickly therefore making it a perfect night treatment for combination to oily skin. The only thing I dislike is the scent — it has a weird scent that I can't seem to relate even though it's supposed to resemble the scent of seaweed but that's just my personal opinion.

  5. Vaseline Lip Therapy in Cocoa Butter — everyone knows about Vaseline, everyone knows about their petroleum jelly. There's not much to say about this lip balm other than that it smells of cocoa. Oh and I also hate the fact that I have to use my finger and dip into the tub. It'd be so much better if they make a squeeze tube version of this.

  6. Clinique Superbalm Lip Treatment — this is the lip balm that saves my dry and chapped lips. Even though my lips still get so dry easily every now and then, they are no longer chapped and cracked which is thanks to this Clinique Superbalm. It's not budget friendly for me though, especially since it's fairly small. If I could, I would definitely repurchase this again.

  7. Tonymoly Red Appletox Honey Cream — the only reason why I bought this was due to its packaging. Yes, shush. Designed to be an AHA moisturize and exfoliator, it has fresh apple scent that I really love and a spatula so you won't have to dip your finger just to get the product — it's unhygienic, okay! Since I have combo skin, I didn't use this as moisturizer but rather as a mask. Frankly, the only result I got from this was softer, supple skin.

  8. Tonymoly Egg Pore Tightening Pack — I mentioned this product in this post before and I'm really glad I'm finally done with it. It doesn't give me any long-term result and the product itself smells weird so it's kind of a dud, to be honest.

Well that's it for my first ever empties post. I hope I remember to keep my empty products for future empties post because I'm going to try and make this into a staple segment.

How about you; Have you ever tried any of the products mentioned above? What products did you recently used up and do you like or dislike them? 


  1. I'm loving the sound of the whipped body lotions! I tried their shea body butter once and it was just too thick for me, so I think the whipped lotion will be perfect. It takes me forever to go through body lotions though, probably because I only use them on my arms and legs :P

  2. i use them on my arms and legs too as routine but i think that's why i always finish them so fast :P
    i do use body butters on my body sometimes but never the lotions - they are only for arms and legs

  3. I love watching empties videos too! They are oddly satisfying to watch and also makes me think that the products are actually good quality and reliable!

    Thanks for sharing your faves! I dont actually like body lotions of creams, I tried using the Body Shop butter lotions but I hated how they just stuck to me for the whole day? They never absorbed :( So I dont use any creams on my body - only my face!

  4. Niiice! That's a lot of empties :) I'd much rather read about people's blogging about their empties than watching a video XD;

    Seeing your body butters make me want to go buy one so I can use this winter, but I have this Lush body lotion to use first and then I'll do so. But I really want to try the strawberry body butter. I had the olive one once, but I don't think I liked it that much.

    The Satsuma body lotion interests me and I wouldn't mind trying that out if I can find out.

    I had to laugh at the TonyMoly products, about how you got them because of the packaging. I admit, the packaging is what also draws me to a product. It's a shallow reason to go for something, but . . . it is a factor.

    Thanks for sharing your empties :)

  5. i don't like the olive one either! it smells...weird. the olive one isn't for everybody, i guess haha plus it's so thick imo.

    tonymoly probably has the best packaging for their products, ever. their packaging are always so commercial lol

  6. I feel like I should go watch some beauty product reviews YouTube XD. YES! I love to use all of my products to the very last drop (mostly because they're expensive @___@). I go through a lot of lotion bottles per year because my skin soaks it up like a sponge. I still need to check out The Body Shop one of these days (procrastinating like a boss). I haven't heard of the Clinique SuperBalm Lip Treatment before. I'm surprised it's not in one of those "free gifts" packages XD. The egg and apple look legit XD.

    I recently used up a Clinique moisturizing cream and I always replenish it XD. I recently tried a Tom's natural deo but it was garbage... I feel as if I need to reapply it every hour and it smells pretty bad @__@.


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