I don't quite recall when did I first discover Puuung, a Korean artist who illustrates how love exists in small things. All I know is how much I love her artworks to bits. I keep an eye on her facebook updates like no other and every time she posted a new illustration, I will either like or share the post, sometimes both. What's so great about Puuung is how her artworks are always so heartwarming, sincere and true; they tell us that love does not have to be like those you see in movies but it can always be found in the smallest gesture we encounter in our daily lives.

"Love is something that everybody can relate to. And Love comes in ways that we can easily overlook in our daily lives. So, I try to find the meaning of love in our daily lives and make it into artwork," — Puuung, as seen from her Facebook page.

And I think she is right about that. In my opinion, it's easy to find meanings in huge, extravagant things but not in little gestures that we have grown accustomed to every single day.

Looking at her artworks, some people might comment and hate on them as being too...idealistic and not realistic. I have seen some people commented on Puuung's illustration as such which is sad because to me, just because her artworks are dreamy and peaceful doesn't mean we get to judge her whole life based on them. I do think Puuung and her boyfriend struggle with common things too underneath all these beautiful depiction so it's better not to judge anything.

In case anyone is wondering, Puuung, who studied animation and is currently taking her masters degree, has said that she first drew her sketches manually on paper before scanning, coloring and completing them digitally.

Here are some of my favorite picks:

Oh wow, I never realized I actually have a lot of favorites. Then again, who wouldn't? Ha.

On a side note, she also has two books which I am happy to say that I own the first of the two, entitled "Love Is." Lucky for me, a friend of mine managed to get the book signed last Sunday when Puuung held a meet and greet here in Jakarta.

I was surprised to find the illustration book cost IDR 100,000 ($7.69)! It was budget friendly for a thick book filled with full illustrations and a few short descriptions translated into Indonesian language. Plus, I got a mini notebook with the same illustration cover as bonus. The only downside was that I didn't get to take a picture and see the artist because I was late to the event. But eh, a signature is enough to make me happy.

You can check out Puuung's portfolio on Grafolio , stalk her Facebook or her Instagram for future updates.

illustrations via facebook & grafolio


  1. She seems like a really talented artist. She expresses love in so many beautoful ways. I will definitelly search more artwork by her.

  2. Wow!! The book is only 7.69?? That's incredible! The price alone makes me want to purchase it, haha. I've actually heard of Puuung before. Her illustration book was in one of the Korean dramas that I had been watching. I had no idea she had social media accounts though, so I'll have to check those out!

    But I agree - her illustrations are super cute!

  3. I love Puuung's artwork! It makes me feel happy seeing the happy couple doing the small things that matter. #RelationshipGoals... It's awesome that she signed your book! I love how the book is filled with cute art and doesn't cost that much! I probably want to get it for love inspiration... LOL!

  4. Oh my god this is beautiful. I love the artwork... and now I want a book of my own.

    Showing this to Nick ;) hahahaha

  5. get him to buy it for you *winkwink*



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