The Easy Reading List


I used to read a lot back in the days before college began. Fast forward midway during college years, I couldn't read a book without wanting to fall asleep and was too tired to even pick a new read. But now that college is over for me, I want to get back into the routine. Thus,  I've been reading what I call as "lazy books" — books that do not require a lot of thinking, books that feel compact and are easy, "bedside table" reads. Below is a list of my current easy reading list.

6 Stop Motion Animation To Watch


Why are stop motion animated films so underrated and underappreciated? I personally love them but I rarely find anyone in my life who watch and actually find stop motion animation beautiful. It takes such great effort and patience to complete even a 1-minute stop motion video, let alone an entire full length movie — trust me, I know how that feels. I feel like there are so many great stop motion animation out there that everyone must try watching at least once so we can all appreciate the beauty that comes from such perseverance.

5 Design Related Blogging Pet Peeves


We all have pet peeves. We all have blogging pet peeves. There are a lot of posts written about blog pet peeves and most of the time they are spoken from general perspective and by general I'm referring to opinions from any topic such as the blog's layout, its additional features, etc. Today, however, I am going to talk about my blogging pet peeves but from a visual standpoint. Now keep in mind that these pet peeves are based on my opinions and may or may not be justified by everyone.



I don't quite recall when did I first discover Puuung, a Korean artist who illustrates how love exists in small things. All I know is how much I love her artworks to bits. I keep an eye on her facebook updates like no other and every time she posted a new illustration, I will either like or share the post, sometimes both. What's so great about Puuung is how her artworks are always so heartwarming, sincere and true; they tell us that love does not have to be like those you see in movies but it can always be found in the smallest gesture we encounter in our daily lives.


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