The Year Limited


No, this is not one of those "New Year's Resolution" post because I personally do not come up with such things and I find them pretentious. I mean come on, how many people actually do the things in that list? If you are one of the rare species then you're amazing but it's just not for me. Instead, I'm going to review the highlights of this year. Mind you, this doesn't come easy for me.

Books: For The Love Of Sci-fi & Fantasy


One of my favorite presents to give (or accept) is none other than books. It is, in my opinion, one of the best gifts anyone can have. Growing up, I love reading fictions — mainly science fiction, fantasy and dystopian. Throughout the years, I've been collecting and constantly buying books (because I dislike ebooks!) so I thought for today I'd share with you my top five adventurous, sci-fi fantasy favorites and an extra bonus that I've been desperately want in my collection. I personally think they also make a great gift for friends who equally love these genre.

Whitespace 004 | Comfy Cushions


I've been feeling sick lately and I can't be bothered to write a lengthy blog post so I thought what's better than to update the blog with a mood board? Besides, I've been thinking of getting a cushion to support my back when I'm sitting down in front of my computer. It's actually unbelievable how I don't have a cushion and I end up using this stuffed animal I got from IKEA to prevent back pain.  I'm not sure about you but I've been into adorable looking cushions lately and it's what I've been browsing about on Pinterest, Society6 and other sites while I'm lying on my bed resting.

Organic Oils For Eczema


Two months ago, I wrote a post about bath and body products for dry, sensitive and eczema-prone skin where I mentioned briefly about my skin condition and how I've been living with eczema for years. I also mentioned about using topical steroid ointment to provide fast healing of the dry patches but soon realized its side effects of thinning skin and easily irritated skin. Luckily for me, I have found a more natural and organic solution from a local store called Organic Supply & Co.

5 Signs Coffee and I Don't Click


Regular visitors of this blog probably knew about my love for tea. I even wrote a few posts that include teas, teas and more teas. What people probably don't know is how I used to be a coffee addict instead of tea. Don't get me wrong, I've always loved tea but I was a religious coffee drinker back then. It was only this year that I started to cut down my coffee consumption and decide to drink tea instead, a decision that has helped and improved my functionality in life.

Whitespace 003 | Lazy Sunday Mood


I have a thing for cozy bed — then again, who doesn't? If I have any comfort spot at home, it's definitely going to be my bed. I do love my desktop computer desk but the bed will always be the spot where I spend my time loafing around reading, drinking tea and/or browsing things online on my handheld device. I also enjoy warm covers, snuggle time with my stuffed animals or, if I'm lucky, cuddle with A when he's over at my house, heh. Without further ado, let's proceed to today's Whitespace entry, featuring all things bed and cozy.

Bloom: Navigating Life & Style


See that book there? Yes, it's Bloom by beauty YouTuber and blogger Estee Lalonde who, before she re-branded herself, called herself Essie Button. I have loved this woman even when her channel was still Essie Button. If you are huge about beauty bloggers and frequently watch them on YouTube, you probably know who she is. If you don't, well here's a post all dedicated to the amazing, hilarious Canadian-born London-based lifestyle blogger.

Feeling Ugh & Under The Weather


via Yukiko Masuda

I've been feeling eugh lately, sort of under the weather but mostly euuurgh and it's sucking my energy both physically and mentally. I have so many ideas I want to blog about but everything is a juggling mess in my head and I can't sort them out...yet. But at the same time, I feel like writing a post — weird and contradictory, I know.

The Lost Friendship


Have you ever wondered how the person you once thought as a friend (or best friend, even) could end up becoming your acquaintance and maybe, stranger as well? I've had my fair share of friendship that did not work out. I've had experiences taught me things like how people always come and go, how trust is earned and not given and how loyalty can easily be taken for granted. The thing is, after all the experiences I had during my years of growing up, I thought I knew how to keep myself safe by carefully selecting the friends I opened up to.

Little Things


I personally do not celebrate thanksgiving but a post made by Hannie of Missing Wanderer has given me the idea to write a post, a dedicated one at that, about the things I'm grateful for in life. Also, if you follow me on Instagram, you'd know that I just recently graduated — Bachelor of Art, baybeh! — and I thought what's better time to use one of my blog's columns to reflect on things and let some of my thoughts be published for the world to read?

Tim Walker


My blogging schedule is so messed up this month and I'm so beyond managing my columns. It's the last day before the month ends so I thought, let's finish it with some visual inspiration for my blog's artist of the month corner — which I have decided to rename into "Creative Corner" instead. Today's corner is going feature beautiful shots from British fashion photographer Tim Walker whose renowned works regularly appear on Vogue, W Magazine and LOVE Magazine.

Whitespace 002 | Baths


I remember begging my parents for a bathtub in our home bathroom just so I could pretend to swim around whilst playing bubbles. Alas, during renovation, we had to remove the broken tub and replace it with only a shower head. Don't get me wrong, I love showers especially when I'm in a hurry but there's something special about owning a bathtub and the thought of wanting to relax in it. Without a doubt, I'd love to have a bathtub again in the future.

5 Things I Do During Detachment


I never liked the idea of myself being emotionally compromised. But this is what I've been trying to get through for the past few months. Life in itself is pretty tiring; I have to survive, get a job and maybe polish the social skill that I barely have. I don't need to be pressured and overwhelmed by this intangible thing called feelings. I just want to undo things — just unfeel, you know? And sometimes, they fuel my depression and anxiety and that's not very good.

The Left Behind


So you might be thinking: two posts of the same column in less than a week? Unfortunately for this post, I just have to write it down to get it off my chest. As I am writing this I am going to tell you that I have spent these past few days bawling my eyes out and feeling like a mess while having to support someone important to me.

Love Is More Than Just...


A few months ago, I remember reading a meaningful blog post about love and relationship that got me thinking really hard about my own. The post, which can be read here, talked about how relationships don't last based on feelings but choices because feelings are not constant and building a relationship based on a shaky foundation is risky. As I contemplate on the idea, it made so much sense as to why I doubted mine during the first few months.

Whitespace 001


Introducing Whitespace a column dedicated to  cozy homes and interior design.

I hate my current working space at home, let's just get that out of the way. I've always dreamed about designing the look of my room and working desk space from scratch, with my own table and chair of choice and other miscellaneous extras. Since I am mostly in front of my computer, I'd really love to have a minimalist looking desk space — this is probably one of my #homegoals.

Mlkboard 002


Back at it again with my second mood board filled with curated artworks, Mlkboard is a column to feature visually engaging artworks from various creative fields. This time, I am going to focus on food branding and packaging design. When it comes to gourmet, of course the taste is relevant but visually appealing branding and packaging design can really boost the attention. I don't know about you but a good packaging really does make me want to try a product out.

The Easy Reading List


I used to read a lot back in the days before college began. Fast forward midway during college years, I couldn't read a book without wanting to fall asleep and was too tired to even pick a new read. But now that college is over for me, I want to get back into the routine. Thus,  I've been reading what I call as "lazy books" — books that do not require a lot of thinking, books that feel compact and are easy, "bedside table" reads. Below is a list of my current easy reading list.

6 Stop Motion Animation To Watch


Why are stop motion animated films so underrated and underappreciated? I personally love them but I rarely find anyone in my life who watch and actually find stop motion animation beautiful. It takes such great effort and patience to complete even a 1-minute stop motion video, let alone an entire full length movie — trust me, I know how that feels. I feel like there are so many great stop motion animation out there that everyone must try watching at least once so we can all appreciate the beauty that comes from such perseverance.

5 Design Related Blogging Pet Peeves


We all have pet peeves. We all have blogging pet peeves. There are a lot of posts written about blog pet peeves and most of the time they are spoken from general perspective and by general I'm referring to opinions from any topic such as the blog's layout, its additional features, etc. Today, however, I am going to talk about my blogging pet peeves but from a visual standpoint. Now keep in mind that these pet peeves are based on my opinions and may or may not be justified by everyone.



I don't quite recall when did I first discover Puuung, a Korean artist who illustrates how love exists in small things. All I know is how much I love her artworks to bits. I keep an eye on her facebook updates like no other and every time she posted a new illustration, I will either like or share the post, sometimes both. What's so great about Puuung is how her artworks are always so heartwarming, sincere and true; they tell us that love does not have to be like those you see in movies but it can always be found in the smallest gesture we encounter in our daily lives.

Pantone's 2016 Board: Rosy Serenity


Prior to 2016, Pantone announced the colour of the year. For anyone who have no idea, Pantone pick a certain colour and announce it as the "colour of the year" annually. However, 2016 marks the first time for Pantone to declare two colours for the year . Yes, two — rose quartz, a warm soft pastel pink and serenity, a cool dusty pastel blue that reminds me of periwinkle and cornflower blues combined but lighter. In contrast to previous bolder and vibrant picks, Pantone has 2016 drawn into a softer, more elegant and sophisticated take. As a fan of pastel and soft colours, I really love them and have been making my way into collecting several findings found on the interweb.

Mlkboard 001


soundscape by wei xiong chan

Geometric shapes is one of the basic elements of design that I really like to use. I love squares and rectangles more than circle / round shape. My friend said that people who love photography tend to prefer squares over circles and I wonder if that's true though I wouldn't stress much over it. As a designer, however, I wouldn't say that I will never incorporate circles in my design. There's always a time for everything.


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