The title, such contradiction with the music I've embedded in this post.

Anyway, I've been feeling down lately. Life hasn't been really friendly - then again it never was in the first place. I'm constantly angry and frustrated about anything and everything and though keeping them bottled up was never a good choice, it's safer this way (for me, for my friends, for everyone). I wonder how does it feels like to let my feelings out in the open, that must be very delightful. I can't afford to do that, I was not bred that way. I need time to sort this out, to calm myself down and with this I say, I'm also detaching myself from some people, both online and offline. I'm sorry I haven't been blogging much; heck, my last post was written last month!

I feel out of place and awkward and... lost.

I hope I'll come back soon, with a better mood and slightly better motivation for anything. In the meantime, enjoy this beautiful track from Carousel.



Let The Wolf Sleeps

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