Local Natives

I love indie bands and I love indie songs with familiarly hypnotizing tunes and metaphorical day-dreaming lyrics. Like Paradise Fears, Fun and Plushgun, I've been engrossed in Local Natives for the past few days. They are an American indie rock band from Los Angeles, California with two studio albums released so far - Gorilla Manor (2009) and Hummingbird (2013).  I have not listened to Hummingbird except for one track from the said album entitled Mt. Washington which was used in the Life Is Strange video game. As for Gorilla Manor, my favorite track is either Wide Eyes or Who Knows We Care. Either way, Local Natives is the kind of band who plays that kind of songs I'd love to listen to during rainy days, watching fog and drops splattered against the glass of my window with coffee in hand.

I probably should make a music post as a habit though I haven't decided on what to call this category as. I used to have a plan of calling it "strumming saturday" but we'll see about that. It's kind of fun since people never expected me to listen to songs that are, well, according-to-them-and-I-quote "hipster."


  1. You are skilled with finding indie bands!! I've tried looking for indie bands that I like before but it was never a success :(... Which leaves me having to crawl back to my ghetto taste in music XD. These three songs makes you feel so calm! I remembered seeing some cool names on Spotify like "indie chillout", "afternoon acoustic", "pop chillout", "beach vibes", "evening chill", "mellow morning", and all of that cool stuff. Maybe some combination of words will sparkle up something ;).

    *crawls back to my cave and listens to some foreign rap music that sounds catchy*

  2. Now, I have to play Life is Strange. I wanted to play it for sometime, but haven't gotten around to it. Alas, I love getting new music recommendations from any kind of media especially video games and t.v shows.


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