I've been listening to Andrew Mcmahon's self-entitled album, Andrew Mcmahon In The Wilderness, recently. Andrew McMahon is quickly becoming one of my favorite solo singer-songwriters. He is (or was) also the man behind Jack's Mannequin and Something Corporate.

Cecilia and The Satellite was released as the album's lead single with Mcmahon's daughter, Cecilia Kate, as the song's title reference. After his EP which was released last year (with Synesthesia as my favorite jam - it still is and forever will be), I really enjoyed his first studio album.

Canyon Moon is definitely my favorite and most played song.

I'm definitely a sucker for songs with titles and lyrics like....this. I don't even know how to describe them; there's just that emotional connection pulling me into it. Hah, how poetic.

Now what is that one song you have been looping a lot recently?


Andrew Mcmahon In The Wilderness

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