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Shoot, one week of no update? Apparently so. I've been so tired with real life situations lately that I decided to take a break. To be honest with you, I'm currently feeling congested and blergh but seeing how this blog is a responsibility of mine, I decided to update nonetheless.

Hypocrites Among Us


Alright, grab some popcorn and get comfy because we're going to hear me talk (or write) about something quite sensitive and perhaps, a little bit controversial. I am here to tell you that every single one of us is a hypocrite and all of us is guilty of being two-faced, both online and offline. I am here to tell you that I don't believe in complete innocence unless you are a puppy. Unfortunately, since we are human beings, I am here to tell you that every single one of us is a freaking liar.

Daily & Work Essentials


Hey, as I'm typing this I am currently at home, skipping work and trying to balance my emotional roller coaster as it shifts from high to low to high again every five minutes. Feeling ugh from aunt flow cramps, I've decided to indulge in some 'miscellaneous talk' guilty pleasure by sharing with you some of my daily-slash-work essentials. Some of you might care, others might not but whatever, here's my attempt in trying to sound like a beauty blogger (just kidding!)

#FoodFilms by David Ma


It's been a long time ever since I last featured an artist or a talent on my blog and I wish to change that. By doing more often, I hope more people could feel inspired and have their creativity fueled. Today's featured artist is David Ma, a food stylist slash film maker who made you wonder what it's like to watch a Wes Anderson movie about making s'mores.

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