Clocked 023


It's been raining a lot recently but last week was insane. From the hormonal weather and its transition from bright and sunny to dark and rainy, finding public transportation after work was really difficult. On Friday, I had to wait for two to three hours just to get a cab!

The Edit | November


The Edit, previously called Bookmarked, is a collection of articles and posts curated by yours truly.

It took me quite a while to curate all these handy dandy articles and wouldn't post it before the list feels complete. Now that it is, we're going to talk about indulging in self-love, be it skincare related or touring down the beauty aisle. Some of you might be aware that I am currently working with Hannah to brainstorm the first issue of Wild At Heart zine. Since the first issue will revolve around self-love, it's what inspired me to curate this list.

Lifestyle Changes


I was heading towards Starbucks to grab their sandwich after work when a realization came to me just like that. It's been months ever since I last drank coffee. In fact, I don't remember when was the last time I actually had one. And then it hit me that all these months, I've made several good changes that have been overlooked because I've been living too fast.

Love Notes #001


It's been a while ever since I wrote about the things I've been loving. The last time I did this was months ago and ever since then, I've missed doing it. The reason why I have been putting this off is because most 'monthly favorites' post involves beauty products and it's a tag mostly used by beauty bloggers. I, on the other hand, am not one so talking about it feels kind of weird. But then I thought screw it, you know? Besides, writing this kind of post once in a while makes me feel like I'm having a laid-back girl chat with all of you.

'Art Turns, World Turns'


Let's be honest here, I was never a museum visitor kind of gal. It's probably odd for a designer not to enjoy museum visits but hear me out. A designer's mind is not always identical to that of an artist although in some cases, the two may merge. I've talked about this before but unlike art, design leans more towards the logical side of things, the science and functionality. As a designer, I am more accustomed to digesting things with logic as opposed to feelings. This results in my inability to consume art on a whole emotional level. But when our friends invited boyfriend and I to check it out, we decided to give it a go.


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